Put Away Your Phone! Cover Reveal

It's been excruciating waiting for the COVER of my new picture book

Put Away Your Phone!

Are you ready for the cover reveal?



Just to bring you up to speed...

Put Away Your Phone! is a fiction picture book recommended for kids aged 4-8, but a fun read for the whole family!


Put Away Your Phone! is a quirky and important tale about modern technology. It stars a little girl who gets really annoyed when grown-ups are always on their phones. Pg17

Put Away Your Phone! is comical with a subtle message. It may just help families be more mindful about their own smartphone use. 

Pg07 copy

Put Away Your Phone! will hopefully inspire kids to try and balance their emotions more effectively. Just like Emma, kids may discover a lesson about compromise and learn a new way to deal with their frustration.


And most of all...

Put Away Your Phone! 


Coming Soon

(like less than a week away)

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In the meantime...have a peek at the

Pre-release Book Trailer

and stay tuned for my

Book Launch Party

in the next couple days!