Put Away Your Phone! Book Tour

Guess What? dreamstime_xl_48637133   I'm hosting a Virtual Book Tour for my new fiction picture book                                Put Away Your Phone!   WHAT is a Virtual Book Tour?  imagesA Virtual Book Tour is basically an online event that spotlights a new book that is being released into the book market. WHO is involved in this? The author (me) is featured on different blogs from other people's websites (the bloggers). These are the "stops" on the tour. Each blog site/stop will present something different about the book, the author and the illustrator. 12164255-3D-artist-painting-on-a-canvas-on-an-easel-Rendered-at-high-resolution-on-a-white-background-with-di-Stock-Photo   Just to give you a heads up... Our stops will be on the following websites: Lauri Fortino's Frog On A Blog, Chris Graham's The Story Reading Ape Blog, Laura Backes & Jon Bard's Children's Book Insider Blog on WriteForKids, Laura Jensen Kimball's Wackystackbooks Blog and I also have some blog posts that will be featured right here! I've got some other creative and unique ideas to present to you and I'd like to try something that involves audience participation for my readers (you). Maybe a contest? A Trivia game? You know what that means...PRIZES!iStock_000015652152_Large       WHEN? The book tour will take place over the next 8 days, starting tomorrow, Monday May 9th and ending Monday May 16th.  Männchen mit StiftWHERE? My blog page (a few words...) will be my "headquarters" for the book tour. That means, that you can always follow along on the tour here and there will be links here that direct you where you need to go. If there are any new events or features on the tour, you can always check back on my blog page for info that has been updated each day. shutterstock_65556871So, WHY have a virtual book tour? Mostly, this gives YOU a chance to find out about the book release of Put Away Your Phone! It's an opportunity to learn a little more about me and my fabulous illustrator. It's also just a fun thing to do! Unless you would prefer to be on your phone? Just kidding:)   STAY TUNED...I'm so excited! Aren't you?!!!!! shutterstock_222786712 See ya tomorrow... CLICK HERE TO START TOUR (No peeking! This link won't be active until Monday May 9th- Day One of the Book Tour)