More Magic from Illustrator David Barrow

I’m sure it’s no surprise to hear that I think

David Barrow,

professional Children’s Illustrator and Graphic Artist, is pretty darn awesome!

Working with him has been unforgettable.


How did I ever get so lucky?

Well, I think our teaming up was a little bit karma, a little bit magic and a lot to do with David’s talent and passion for the work he does. Our projects together so far have been an incredible journey…


Way back when, Put Away Your Phone! was a quirky little manuscript that I had been bouncing around for awhile. I wrote it, edited it, had it critiqued many times and then rewrote it many more times after that.

Finally, I felt ready to search for an illustrator who could make it come alive with pictures!


David, just like me, belongs to the professional KidLit creator’s group SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) and this was where our path’s crossed. Instantly, when I saw his portfolio in the Illustrator’s Gallery of the SCBWI website, I knew I HAD to contact him!


The journey began over a year ago and by the spring of 2016, we released Put Away Your Phone! It was everything I had hoped it would be…and more.

David’s skill for comedic character detail and expression complimented the social issue message of my words and this made for such a wonderful balance in the story.

The most valuable part of our working together was not so much the finished book itself though. I believe our mutual respect and patience for one other, mixed with an understanding of each other’s creative process was really what made this project so special to me.

David and I have never met face to face, we have only every emailed one another, yet we have great communication. To me, this is an asset when creating something with someone else. Quite frankly, this element is something that is overlooked in the traditional publishing industry. Most traditional authors and illustrators rarely communicate when doing a project together...I can't even imagine. 

I’d love to say Put Away Your Phone! has been a best selling book…but, not so much. However, because of this book, a little awareness has been spread about such a powerful message. Also, just as importantly, it's brought a few laughs and possibly a bit of enlightenment to some kids and their families. Slowly, its getting out there and hopefully being enjoyed a whole lot along the way.

After our first book launch, it wasn’t long before David and I decided to collaborate on another project together! And here we are at the beginning of another year and we just released

Too Many Things!

Pretty lucky indeed!

Thank you David for your trust, belief and patience in a little Indie Author like me. Thank you for making my words pop and for bringing Emma and Jamie and all the funny (and furry) characters to life.

Thank you for putting your life on hold at times and for always getting it exactly how I dreamed it could be.

Here’s to you and here’s to us…and hopefully many, many more magical projects together!


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