mindfulness for kids (Ages 3-12)




The ABC's of Mindfulness*




- Becoming more aware of what you are thinking and doing - what's going on in your mind and body. Having awareness means to STOP and feel what is happening within you and around you-becoming aware to your surroundings. What are you feeling right now?


B is for "JUST BEING" with your experience.


When you are "just being" it means to CLEAR YOUR MIND of all thoughts- try not to think of anything. It's difficult, so close your eyes if you like. BREATHE in and out deeply and slowly to calm your body. Do this for a few minutes until you feel relaxed.


C is for SEEING things and RESPONDING more wisely.

Open your eyes and NOTICE HOW YOU FEEL. Continue to clear your mind of all thoughts, but use your senses to discover how you feel. (Smell, touch, taste, hearing) What do you smell? Are you hungry or thirsty? Can you taste anything in your mouth? How does that taste make your body feel? Satisfied or hungry?And so on...

When we use mindfulness to quiet our mind and listen to our body, it helps us to understand how we feel. After having a few minutes to calm our mind and body, we can RESPOND better to these feelings instead of just reacting.



...pretty easy, isn't it?


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Read Aloud Ages 3-5/ Beginner Reader Ages 5-7 

Mindfulness For Kids

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Have you ever listened to how your body feels? Can you tell what it needs when you listen to it closely? This is mindfulness... Learn ways to get in touch with your body, so you can give your mind a break every once in a while!

Being Jolly & Bright! Holiday Mindfulness For Kids


Christmas is the most common winter holiday. There are many other winter holidays that kids around the world celebrate with their families too. Learn what these celebrations are and also ways that these kids keep happy and mindful during the winter holidays! Bonus Activities included: Around The World Celebrations Facts, Craft Fun, Writing Prompts & so much more to help you be...JOLLY & BRIGHT!

Ages 7-9

Being Happy...A Kid's Guide To Mindfulness

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Mindfulness? What is this all about and why is everyone talking about it? Learn the basics of mindfulness...it's as easy as ABC! Learn what Gratitude, Kindness, Compassion, Empathy and Forgiveness have to do with being mindful. Learn how mindfulness helps us to understand our thoughts and feelings, so we can respond to them better - and then all we have to focus on is...being happy!

Ages 8-11

Being You! Daily Mindfulness For Kids

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There are so many ways that we can practice loving ourselves. Each day, there are little things that we can do to remind ourselves just how great we really are. From morning to night, follow along in this book and practice ways to love yourself. Learn tools to deal with people who make you feel bad. Face uncomfortable situations. Understand about mindfulness and why it helps you manage your feelings. Discover a YOU that is totally fantastic! Totally Mindful!

Being Mindful...Finding Happiness In You!


Everyone wants to feel good. In fact, we hope that we will feel good most of the time. There are times that we don't feel so great, but that's okay. It's important to feel not so great sometimes too, so we can appreciate the good times. The difficult part is finding happiness in ourselves, rather than a food or pill or product, when we do feel bad. The difficult part is not relying on something other than ourselves to bring us happiness or take away our sadness. All you NEED to be happy is YOU!

One Bite At A Time...Mindful Eating For Kids


In Western society, we live in a part of the world that eats really well, but most people don't take the time to notice this or understand where the food comes from. Most people don't eat mindfully and appreciate each bite they take. Eating mindfully is really simple to do and it helps us feel better throughout our entire body and mind when we do it. Discover what mindful eating is and learn how to practice it everyday... ONE BITE AT A TIME!

It's All Good! Accepting Life's Uncomfortable Moments

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We all hope to be happy most of the time, but unfortunately it's impossible to be happy all the time. Sometimes, there are things, people, places and situations that keep us from being happy. Sometimes, we have to live through UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS. Find out how to accept and deal with uncomfortable moments so you can feel happier and say... IT'S ALL GOOD!

Being Focused! ADHD & Mindfulness


Do you know someone who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder? Maybe you have a friend or family member that has been diagnosed with ADHD? Or maybe you have it yourself? ADHD is a common medical condition that affects brain functioning. It’s so common that currently 6.4 million American children ages 4-17 have been diagnosed with it. That's a lot of kids! That's why it's really important for all kids and adults to understand a little bit about what ADHD is, so we can all support each other and deal with it together. Discover all about ADHD-symptoms, types and different treatment plans. Many kids may have this condition, but once someone with ADHD starts a treatment plan, the abilities they are capable of are endless! BEING FOCUSED is awesome!

Ages 10-12

Being Still...Calming Your Inner Voice


We all have an INNER VOICE. Sometimes it can be good to listen to this voice, because it helps us decide between right and wrong. Sometimes it can be not so good to listen to it, because all we hear is MIND CHATTER! This voice can help us or hold us back in everyday life. Sometimes, we have to find a way to CALM our inner voice and listen to it only when we absolutely need it. Learn all about human PROCESSING and how our inner voice is involved in this. Learn how to listen to your inner voice, when to listen to it and when to calm it...by BEING STILL!

All Ages 8-12

Being Awesome! Mindfulness Meditations For Kids


Mindfulness Meditation is a way to practice mindfulness. It's easy, and the more you practice, the easier it gets. If you try to practice a little bit of mindfulness meditation every time you can and even daily, you will feel great!

(*Adapted From: Juliet Adams, Founder of Mindfulnet.org & Director, A Head for Work)