Home Again, Home Again…Jiggidy Jig!


iStock_000061913368_FullI have officially been on holidays this past two and a half weeks, but now I’m home safe and sound. So, I thought this would be a fantastic time to write a post about my travels. I have ventured through several cities, spanning two countries as part of my journey and now that that I’m snuggled back in my comfort zone, I feel like sharing…iStock_000010969001_Large

It’s been difficult not to notice the dynamics of all the different groups of people that I’ve seen. Regardless of how random or public the interactions have been with all these diverse people, families and strangers- the children were consistently similar somehow. I saw quite a few kids of different shapes, colors and backgrounds.

I passed by kids with brown hair, blonde hair and no hair. I’ve glanced at kids with one parent, two parents, babysitters and nannies. I’ve witnessed kids smiling, laughing, crying and yelling. What I think is particularly interesting though, about all these different kids, is that they all seemed so very similar! They had that same cute miniature-people way about them that radiates innocence and enthusiasm. Even the yellers I’ve seen have yelled with zeal!

shutterstock_256103752Universally, kids have this awesome ability to restore the feeling of hope and promise about everything in life. Just look at their cherub-y little faces and you can always manage to see a brightness or glow that tends to be hidden in adults. Kids everywhere hold a unique energy within themselves and only the few of us who notice it can feel this energy.shutterstock_50643691

As I passed through the small towns in my travels, I saw many different types of children- some on holidays too and some local children who were just going about their daily life. If I happened to make eye contact with any of these kids, I could instantly feel an energy being transmitted from them to me. It starts as a little tickle in the belly and then spreads throughout the body. At this point, I would stop for a minutes to catch my breath and then just enjoy the happy energy that had passed through me. Better than any Starbucks drink, kid energy is consistently a rush to be enjoyed!dreamstime_xl_8048079

The only rule one must follow after attaining this little gift from children is to always, always, always pay it forward to someone else for them to enjoy-preferably to a child that has lost this feeling or could use a little happiness in their life!shutterstock_131262131

Next time you casually pass by a child…notice the light they hold within, notice the excitement and happiness that radiates from their face.

Most of all, notice how they are noticing you…smile at them-it will make their day! Happy Travels!

P.S. Home Again, Home Again Jiggidy Jig! was something that everyone in my family said after we arrived home from a family trip. It comes from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme "To Market To Market"! Kind of weird though because the first stanza is- To market, to market, to buy a fat pig, Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Who really wants to buy a fat pig? That's my British lore upbringing for ya-LOL! 



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