About my books…

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My self-published books are made with smooth, semi-gloss papers and are available in 8.5 x 8.5" (most picture books for kids aged 3-7 & 7-10) and 8 x 10" (most picture books for kids aged 8-12) softcover and 7 x 7" hardcover image wrap. Most of my books are also available in ebook format - the fixed-layer Mac ebooks can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. My Kindle ebooks can be read with most major smartphones, tablets and computers with the Kindle App. (*click here to download the App.)

Where To Begin?

All of my books can be found in the Tracy's Bookshelf drop down menu at top of page OR click below to view each genre...

Books for Ages 3-7 click here (Read Aloud Ages 3-5/ Beginner Reader Ages 5-7)

Books for Ages 6-10 click here (I'm Awesome! & Staying Awesome Series)

Books for Ages 8-11, 10-12 click here (Being Awesome! Series)

Books for Ages 7-9, 8-11 click here (Awesome & Diverse! Series)

Books for Ages 7-9, 8-11 click here  (Awesome Values! Series)

ADHD Books for Ages 5-10 click here 

MINDFULNESS Books for Ages 3-11 click here

UNDERSTANDING ADDICTION Books for Ages 4-12 click here

To preview any book- click on the book cover that you would like and you will be directed to a preview screen.

****You will only be able to purchase the HARDCOVER and MAC EBOOK versions from this preview screen! (All other versions have a purchase link under the preview.)

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